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Central College hosts interactive workshop on companion animal behaviour

Central College hosts interactive workshop on companion animal behaviour

The engaging workshop was well attended by veterinary surgeons, nurses and behaviourists, who had the opportunity to put some of the learning theories into practice during the workshop.

Attendees were enthused by experienced animal behaviourists; Loni Loftus and Karen Wild shared their knowledge and experience on key concepts about how animals learn and why they behave the way they do. There were also thought provoking talks on the latest theory on canine origin and domestication as well as canine evolution, selection and variation.

Ongoing workshops and training days are part of Central College’s companion animal behaviour programmes.

Anyone interested in practising or advising on pet behavioural matters or becoming a qualified behaviourist would benefit from joining these programmes and should contact the college for more information – enquiries@ccoas.org.uk

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Central College is a further education college specialising in veterinary and animal care studies. With close links to veterinary practices, we provide a wide range of full and part time work-based learning programmes and apprenticeships.

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