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Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour

Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour


The Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour is aimed at those with the responsibility for planning and managing humane approaches to inappropriate behaviour in animals and who have an extensive understanding of clinical animal behaviour and the related scientific/clinical literature.

The qualification has been developed to teach and assess the clinical application of the science of animal behaviour; that is, the modification of undesirable, inappropriate, problematic or dangerous behaviours, including those with a potential link to pathologies that require diagnosis in collaboration with a veterinary surgeon.

Students will be equipped with the skills and understanding to evaluate, prevent and address inappropriate or problematic behaviours within individual animals, thereby enabling them to develop suitable and effective environments and treatments based on best practice and scientific evidence.

A balance of practice-based learning and theoretical teaching within the course will ensure students can undertake the role of a companion animal trainer and behaviourist proficiently; therefore, clinical placement within a training practice involved with companion animal training and behaviour is essential.

Units of study

The Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour comprises a total of 15 units, three at Level 4, four at Level 5 and seven at Level 6, equating to 220 credits:

Qualification delivery

Students can undertake this course on a full or part-time basis. It is essential that students learn in suitable professional environments that provide a companion animal training service and have training classes available for clients, so practice-based learning is a vital element of this diploma.

Entry requirements

Students are required to be employed with an approved training practice and should possess one of the following:

And/or be a

Students not meeting these requirements will be required to apply to Central College for approval. Please contact us for advice.

Evidence, testimonials and existing qualifications will be required to support your application. The centre will judge each application on an individual basis and its decision is final. No student will be subjected to unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, creed, age or special needs and equal opportunity policies will be adhered to on all grounds.


Assignments, theoretical examinations, practical examinations and presentations

Students will compile an online work-based progress log (Central Skills Log), which will be monitored by your workplace clinical coach.

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Enrolment on the Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour

Enrolment for the Professional Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour course is flexible, so students can begin the course at a time that is most convenient to them. Click here to register your interest.

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